• 05-Jan-2020

    ​ MoU to Establish the First Jordanian-Arab Factory for the Design and Manufacturing of Smart Devices

    AMMAN - A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed for establishing the first Jordanian-Arab factory to design and produce high-tech devices including laptops, tablets and smartphones at competitive prices under the name of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh. 
    The MoU, signed by HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, founder and chairman of TAG.Global, and Dr. Tareq Hamouri, Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply, aims at cooperating, supporting and providing all available facilities to the project. 
    Dr. Hamouri stressed the importance of establishing such a project which is considered a qualitative addition to the national economy in terms of the nature of this computer production project, which will diversify investments and create job opportunities in the Kingdom.
    Hamouri praised TAG.Global’s efforts in different fields and the multiple-investments in different sectors that are considered an added value to the national economy.
    “The investment climate in Jordan today has become more attractive in various areas, and we expect significant investment flows in the upcoming periods in light of investment privileges, incentives and available opportunities thanks to the efforts of His Majesty King Abdullah II in attracting foreign investments to the Kingdom,” Hamouri stated.  
    He added that the government, in compliance with the Royal directives, has recently launched incentives to develop the economic situation and to revive various sectors conducive to creating job opportunities for all Jordanians in all fields. 
    The Minister also referred to the government efforts to remove all obstacles that face investors, noting that work is underway to finalize the Investor’s Journey project which provides a competitive investment incubator that accelerates and simplifies procedures for investors and businessmen.  
    For his part, Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh pointed out that the establishment of the factory in Jordan is based on ‘our confidence in the future of our nation, and our pride in the leadership and support of His Majesty King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein. Thanks to His Majesty, we declare that our production will be Designed and Manufactured in Jordan’, he said.
    Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh expressed his deep appreciation for the  Minister’s willingness to offer all required support and facilities to make the first Jordanian-Arab factory of its kind a success.
    According to the MoU, the Ministry would provide advice, guidance and facilities regarding the best ways for establishing the factory; benefitting from the government incentives, facilitating contacts with all concerned ministries and departments to assist in adopting these devices, particularly at schools and universities, in a manner that doesn’t contravene relevant existing laws and regulations laws. 
    Additionally, the Ministry would facilitate importation of material supplies for assembly lines and production as well as export requirements under the agreements that exist between the Kingdom with other countries and regions. That is in  addition to acquiring the necessary quality certificates for export purposes to different countries and for local use. 
    It’s worth mentioning that Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global has recently announced the establishment of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh for Technologies (TAGTech) which produced tablets and laptops in China with high specs at competitive prices. This initiative marks a new start for TAG.Global by shifting from the provision of professional services to producing high-tech smart devices and digital tools for global marketing and sales.